What is Easter? What is Resurrection Day?

resurrection                                                                              heavenly Jerusalem Mother

Church of God keeps the Resurrection Day on Sunday.

Other churches also keep Easter on Sunday.

What different between the Church of God and other churches?

The date is different.

How different?

Sunday same. Because Jesus resurrected on the first day of the week, Sunday(Mark 16:9).

Church of God keeps it on Sunday after the Feast of unleavened Bread, the date of Jesus’ death.

Other churches keep Easter on  Sunday after full Moon after Spring equinox(March 21).

Then, What different?

Church of God keeps the Resurrection Day through the Bible.

Other churches keep Easter through the decision of Council of Nicaea by the Roman Emperor Constantine in AD 325.

What different?

Resurrection by God.

Easter by man.

What different?

If keep the Resurrection Day, having eternal life.

If keep Easter, having curse.

What’s your choice?

Keep the Resurrection Day or Easter.

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