Your heyday



Korean students are busy on their vacations.

Junior high and high school students are busy filling up requirements demanded from colleges.

Colleges students are busy building up skills required by companies.

A question was asked of 1.000 college students in nation.(survey:professor Nan Do Kim Seoul university)

The question was “when will be your heyday?”

The answers students gave were rather surprising , 28.96 years old .

Do you really think we should be at the peak of lives when we are 29?

When it comes to life , we don’t look far ahead. We are often anxious or frustrated by failures when we lag behind compared to others.

We think we need to do something. We are all unique in our own ways but we all struggle to be same as others .

There should be a point where you stop yourself for a moment.

Take time to introspect yourself. See what you are surrounded by .

Introspect yourself. Come across what you can do the best what you like to do ,and what you want to do the most . When you find it ,go for it.