What Hillary Clinton’s debut on the trail reveals about her policy agenda


One big question looming over Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential candidacy has been what policy ideas she will propose to cast herself as a change agent without running against the sitting president she served.

(from :Washington Post:Breaking News April 17 )

After declaring her cadidacy for next presidential election in USA

she has been striving in everywhere to be chosen as the leader of her contry by Americans .luckely she seems to be wecolmed  declaring her cadidacy by many people because  of her efforts ,dedications  for past years as the leader

we are called as the royal priesthoods in Kingdom Of Heaven.

In order to be wecolmed as the leader of Angelic World ,we should make every efforts for it .

The 2cond Passover is drowing nearer let us do our best preparing it by declareing the glory of eternal life

2ch 30:5~6 They desided to send a proclamation throughout Israel ….calling the people to come to Jerusalem and celebrate the Passover to the Load

wmscog passover God the Mother (Jerusalem Mother)