Things To Be Thankful For

The Church of God is always with God the Mother.  We deliver the truth with the greatest love, the love of Mother.  Please listen to the truth with Mother’s love and receive the blessings of God abundantly!


For a day, How many time do you give thank to God?

Thanks to God the Mother1

Here is the day’s routine of a man like you.


1. He woke up hardly in morning for going to work.

2. And He took a crowded bus or subway. If He have a car, also was may caught in traffic jams.

3. In a firm, He was stressed at work and received a tongue-lashing from his boss.

4. When He came back home, He did the housework and watched on TV programs and went to bed without something special.

5. Even He were going asleep, He worried a hard day when will repeat tomorrow.

Thanks to God the Mother2


If You think that this story is yours, You may think there was nothing to return thanks to God.

However, In you daily life, All your times are full of gratitudes.

Let’s think about above his day little differently.


1. Though He was hard to wake up, He wasn’t late.

2. He could miss a bus or subway but He took. If He have a his car, He arrived safely without any accident.

3. He has a job and He has many coworker who depend on each other.

4. He has a warm house though it is little. And He finished his daily work without a trouble.

5. He lived today healthily and fell asleep with gratitude about allowed tomorrow.


If We think all thing like this, our life become more happily.

thanks to God the Mother4

In addition, I give thanks to God for below reasons.


– Most thankful fact is that God is our spiritual parents, God the Father and God the Mother.

– So, They love us too much and give us Eternal life through the Passover.

– They always pray for us though we were sinner in Heaven.

– They spare no sacrifice and giving blessing for us.

– They lead us to go back to Heaven where was our spiritual hometown.


Sometimes, Our life is little hard, tired and frustrated. I also feel that. However, Please don’t forget hope for Heaven and God the Father and God the Mother who love us more than us. I always try to thanks to God and It makes my life more happily.

Thanks to God the Mother3