Outrage over ‘nut rage’ – WMSCOG follows the teachings of God the Mother

By Former Korean Air’s executive vice president Cho Hyun-ah, An incident referred to as “nut rage” is affecting the reputation of Korean Air and the chairman, her father. And The problem of Leadership positions and family businesses succession has become a social issue.

Outrage over ‘nut rage’
Leadership positions should not be a birthright

The Korea herald 2014-12-15

An incident referred to as “nut rage” is an example of what can happen when a member of the founding family of a conglomerate becomes involved in business.

Former Korean Air vice-president Cho Hyun-ah, 40, has been making headlines since she ordered the pilot of a Korean Air plane, already on the runway, to return to the gate to let off the cabin crew chief at New York’s JFK Airport on Dec. 5.

Cho is alleged to have yelled and physically abused a flight attendant and a cabin manager over what she considered to be improper serving of macadamia nuts in the first class cabin. She ordered the airplane to return to the gate to eject the cabin manager • • • • 

We should press on to know our Elohim God to be heir of God and to receive the eternal blessings of God through the Bible.

We should practice the teachings of God as the heir of kingdom of heaven for the glory of God

The World Mission Society Church of God keeps the feasts of God and practice the teaching of God according to the Bible.

Moreover, The Church of God makes great efforts to protect environment and to practice loving neighbors by diligently helping society in need everywhere.

Turning into a spiritual diamond

Something about the carbon that I learned in science class in middle school rushed upon my mind.

“Guys, what would be the things in common between coal and diamond?”
We couldn’t find any answers to teachers’ question though I and other guys had a hard think.
I guess the main reason was that both coal and diamond do not seem to have anything in common at all.
Then, the teacher continued to go on.

“It is related to the carbon we are going to study today. Actually, both of them were consisted of carbon.”

This came as a surprise to me since it seemed unbelievable that both black coal and transparent diamond were made in same carbon.

“They were made by carbon alike but their bond structures are different. Long time ago, in the movie, “Superman”, there was a scene where superman grabbed a handful of coals and pressed it hard, it turned into diamond. Likewise, coals become diamond when it gets high pressure and heat.”

Composed by same carbon, coal and diamond produce different substances depending on the bond structure of carbon.
While coal is not arranged orderly in carbon, diamond has regular tetrahedron formed by 4 carbon atoms, which is continually combined in three directions of width, length, and height.
This is the key that highly differentiate those two elements.
In the same way, we, in the truth seem to look like carbon.

We could become spiritual diamonds by uniting each other, having essential glue of ‘Mother’ and “Love’. However, if we take our own way without having God in our mind, then the result should be totally opposite.
As the teachings in the Bible, I wish all become ‘spiritual diamonds’ shining brightly on hands and the neck of the bride, loving and caring brothers and sisters with all heart and mind.