Don’t Be Deceived in the Halo Effect; Christmas or the Passover

“Mommy, I like it. It looks cool. Can I buy it?”
“Oh, it looks nice and attracts me in the design as well as the colors. Okay, I’ll buy the toy car for you.”

These are taking place in the toy shop. Finally the mom buys the toy car for her son, which has the vivid colors and good-looking design. She doesn’t check the car; how it moves well back and forth, nor she ask to the salesclerk about the function and price. It doesn’t matter for her to figure out them anymore. She is fascinated by the appearance of the toy car. Either the kid or the grownup could make a mistake for the same reasons.

We can experience many times when we choose the products. As a customer, what do you consider in choosing the items or goods? Is it a design? Or is it a color? How much are you satisfied and pleased with yourself in your choice?

In sales market, there is a term called ‘The halo effect’, which is referring to a cognitive bias in which a person’s first impression toward someone, a company, a brand, or a product that influence a person’s feelings and thoughts and lead them to buy them.
The opposite meaning of ‘the halo effect’ is called ‘The horns effect’, which is also referring to a cognitive stereotype in which the person get a bad impression or image that influence them to remain not to buy it due to bad image.

Two of the effects are definitely ‘the errors’ that make us believe something which is not true or not believe something which is true, misleading us to make a wrong decision.
Some researchers conducted an experiment that how the young kids would respond and how much they pay attention to the teachers who visited the kindergarten and preschool and read the books for them.
And then the researchers observed the young kids’ behaviors. Most students thought that a good-looking teacher was kind and competent to have a good personality so that they paid close attention to her more than the other.

On the contrary, they showed the negative demeanor to a less beautiful teacher because they considered she is not nice and incompetent, believing that she is unable to do her job or a task properly so that they didn’t pay attention nor answer to her while she is reading the story-telling books.
The researchers analyzed on the based the theory of ‘the halo effect’ they get stuck into bias toward the two teachers due to their appearances, and they concluded one is good as well as capable and speak well of her, whereas the other is bad and untalented.
Aside from the misconception only from their appearances, it is more dangerous to judge their personality and ability with the fixed idea, which misleads us to go astray and prevents us from the right discernment.

The term ‘halo’ has been used with the religious concepts to indicate a glowing circle to be seen floating above the heads of the persons; so called ‘the saints’. Reflected by the glowing circle above the heads, their face seems to be shining with light from his or her ‘halo’. Therefore if someone was painted with a halo, people usually can think of him to be a good and valuable person. In other words it is judged easily that the characteristics and traits are worthy of being praised by others with the wrong bias and stereotype.

There is the same phenomenon in the Bible. Most people around the world think of Christmas to be the birthday of Jesus and regard it as the Holy Day so that they join the festivals and participate in the service, thereby getting into the wrong directions.
However there is no evidence, even the single one, that Christmas is related to Jesus’ birthday, rather it has been the ritual ceremony of paganism and it was originated from the feast of Sun-god in the Roman age.

Although Christmas looks holy and godly, it is not relevant to Jesus at all. Rather it is ungodly and unclean feast. As Jesus said that on the outside they appear to people as righteous but on the inside they are full of hypocrisy and wickedness. Moreover they clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed, self-indulgence and abominable things.
God emphasize all the time that Jesus was sacrificed as the Passover Lamb, which means He was born on the Passover and went his way as an offering of atonement for our grievous sins. To open our eyes to understand the God’s administration and give us the wisdom and knowledge so that we receive Elohim God; Heavenly Parents, He was willing to lay His life on the Passover.

The Passover is the true figure to show how much God has loved us by shedding blood as the Passover Lamb, through which we can return the heavenly kingdom of angelic world. Let’s all give the eternal thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Jerusalem Mother (Mother God).

The World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG), believing in “God the Mother”, are practicing the love of “God the Mother” and showing Her favor based on the philanthropy.