A servant’s advice – About Heavenly hometown


Once upon a time, there was a royal servant who won the king’s favor. The servant was good and faithful, and he was also naive and foolish in some aspect. The king was so pleased by his upright character that he trusted him and entrusted him with many of the administrative affairs of the country.

 One day, the king ordered the servant to travel around the country and see how the people were living. Following the king’s order, the servant toured the whole country. After quite a while, he returned to the royal palace, and unexpectedly the king was sick in bed. The servant was very surprised and asked the king what had happened.

 “I think it’s time for me to leave.”

 “What are you talking about? You’re sick now. Where are you going? If you leave, when are you coming back?

 “If I leave now, I’ll probably go to the place of no return.”

 “Why would you go to that place? Please don’t go.”

 The king was referring to his death, for he was suffering from a serious illness. The naive and honest servant, however, did not understand what the king was talking about, and kept trying to dissuade him from going to the place of no return. The king told him again, “It’s not that kind of place where I can go if I want to and not go if I don’t want to and not go if I don’t want to. I must go there although I don’t want to.” Then the servant become so anxious that he asked the king lastly.

 “If you’re going on a long journey, are you fully prepared to leave?”

 On hearing this, the king could not say a word but lapsed into silence. Only then did he realize that he had never thought that the moment would come for him to leave this world and that he had not prepared for it at all.

 Before setting out on a long trip, people pack their clothes and other necessities including money, passport, toiletries, and so on; they prepare many things for the trip carefully, so that they will not be in trouble in an unfamiliar place. However, many people in the world do not prepare anything for the world they are going to.


The span of one’s life is seventy or eighty years. Since life is so short, people feel very agitated and empty when a misfortune happens to them all of a sudden. In the aforementioned story, the king indulged in a life of luxury in his high position every day, and he wasted his whole life with out even thinking about preparing for life after death. Until the last moment of his death, he had not prepared anything. Likewise, if we put off preparing for the afterlife, the time will come unexpectedly for us to leave this world, before we know it.

When we consider this carefully, we come to realize how thankful we should be because God has established Zion as a refuse  of salvation for us and has made Himself known to us. Living the life of faith itself-receiving God and building a sincere faith in the truth – is preparing for the eternal kingdom of heaven. Let’s go to the Zion to prepare for the eternal kingdom of heaven.