What is difference between Last Supper and Passover?


World Mission Society Church of God preach the Gospel of God through the Bible

Sometimes they ask like that ” Do you know last supper?”

When someone heard that question, some of them answered  “I don’t know about that”

and some say “Isn’t it the painting of L​eonar’do da Vin’ci?”

But nor for knowing  about  L​eonar’do da Vin’ci   World Mission Society Church of God ask about Last Supper.

What they want to know is that people know or not about what the Last Supper means.

World Mission Society Church of God want to tell you the last supper of Jesus not  L​eonar’do da Vin’ci.

Why last supper is important? Because that time Jesus established  New Covenant , Passover as his will(Luke22:20)

During the supper what Jesus and his disciples  ate and drank? Bread and wine. But they were not Just Bread and Wine.(Matthew 26:26)

Why Jesus made his disciples eat bread as his body and drink wine as his blood?

For Eternal life(John6:54)

So World Mission Society Church of God try to preach Jesus’ New Covenant, Passover for their salvation.

So if you have time to hear like that ” Do you know Last Supper?” then please stop what you are doing and listen

what they tell you. Because it is Good News for you from your God , God the Father and God the Mother


God the Mother