What Is Being A Mother Like?

Being A Mother_2015.07.02
Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother

The term, ‘the motherhood’ reminds me of Jerusalem Heavenly Mother (God the Mother) as well as my mother. I am not a mother due to having no child, and it is so hard for me to feel ‘the motherhood’. Only a woman who gives birth to a baby can be called ‘A mother’ and understand what the motherhood is like.

I ever heard about the severe pains when a woman feels during a pregnancy and childbirth, which is liken to the pain of tearing the flesh and breaking the bones. Nobody could endure such a big pain except the mother who is expecting a baby. Also a mother is willing to give all her nutrition to a baby who is developing in a womb, even though she is suffering from a variety of sickness and physically becoming weak due to not eating enough food. Furthermore she doesn’t take any medication while being pregnant, whether having a cold or dreadful migraine. Nor does she put perfumes or thick cosmetics on. Every mother wants her developing baby to avoid any harm from the chemical elements.

According to the information given by some research, there are a lot of signs of pregnancy; discomforts such as nausea and a urine problem and complications such as toxemia of pregnancy and diabetes. Aside from these symptoms, still she feels tiredness, constipation, pelvic girdle pain, back pain, and so on. Nonetheless a mother has taken up all difficulties and sufferings for ten months until she meets her beloved baby. During that time, she becomes the genuine mother and acquires ‘the motherhood’ subliminally while not being aware of it.

Being A Mother_2015.07.03How about our Heavenly Jerusalem Mother?

As a earthly mother takes a risk when she gives birth to a baby and finally gives a physical life, our Jerusalem Mother took a risk when she came down out of heaven to save us, forgiving our grievous sins and finally gives us eternal life.

What does it mean by Being A Heavenly Mother?

First of all, She was determined to come down to the earth due to the crime of treason of the children, leaving behind power and glory and the throne. She had to abandon the highest position as well as being called ‘the Most High’, Who was praised and honored by a great number of the heavenly host and angels. It’s because She never forget Her children and seek the chosen ones.

Secondly, She was clothed in sins and appeared in form of human, becoming very ordinary, even a little lower than the angels. It means that She has been enduring all mocks, taunting, insults, slanders and even persecutions. It’s because She makes Herself a shield against Satan and its evil ones.

Thirdly, She gave up the spiritual food and the spiritual drink when She departed from the heaven.
Besides She fasts as many as times without eating or drinking for some days. It’s because She feeds Her children and looks after them devotedly, not taking care of Herself.

Fourthly, She takes up all burdens which the children put on Her shoulder, 144,000 heavy burdens.
It’s because She is willing to be burdened of all worries, pains, sorrows, griefs as well as the anxieties of life. She only wants to give us eternal rest in heavenly hometown.

Last but not the least, every day She wakes up early morning to pray for us so that we live in safety and don’t go astray. As long as living in form of human, She should sleep at night and take a rest to recover from the daily life. However She spends Her time on thinking of the children, almost forgetting the sleep. It’s because She lights up the road so that Her children find the right way to the tree of life and not to fall into the fiery pit where Satan is going to.

Can you give up all your privileges to save someone’s life that you have been enjoying up to then?
If you were a prince or a princess in a certain kingdom, would you leave your country right away without delay? To save your fiance or your parents? I dare to assume that no one can do so.
Only the parents can do so.

Our Heavenly Mother (God the Mother) came down to save us out of heaven right away, as if She doesn’t remember our grievous sins. Even She serves us, not to be served. Why? She is ‘A Mother of Mine’ as well as God the Mother of the children of promise’.

The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG), believing in “God the Mother”, are practicing the love of “God the Mother” and showing Her favor based on the philanthropy.