Mom’s Big Hand, My Small Hand – Christ Ahnsahnghong & God the Mother

The Church of God is always with God the Mother.  We deliver the truth with the greatest love, the love of Mother.  Please listen to the truth with Mother’s love and receive the blessings of God abundantly!

“Mommy, build me this, please?”

My four year old son was fussing, wanting me to build him a robot with the bricks that he got on his own birthday few days ago.

“But mommy has a lot of things to do…”

Then my son looks at me with pitiful eyes, shaking his head side to side.

“Mommy, build me this. Huh? Mommy!”
“Oh, alright. What should I build for you?”
“Hmm…. This one.”

My son pointed out at a picture of a large car.
Because of my son pestering, I put off all my house work and looking at picture, I started to build the car.

“Tommy, could you get me a large wheel?” I told my son next to me watching what I was doing, with eyes shining brightly.

“A wheel? Whereis it? Oh! Here,” he said, and shortly he would find it.
Seeing how commendable he was, I said,

“Tommy, I need another brick shaped like this.

Could you find me?”

“Shaped like this? Ok,” he said, and brought me the brick this time also.

About ten minutes passed, and finally the car was completed.

“Wow, it’s done!”
“Wow! Nice!”

With a big smile, my son and I shouted for joy.
Being handed with the completed car, my son was nimbly adding a brick on top of it.

I asked, “Who built this?
Then my son said unquestioningly,

“Tommy built it!”
“Did Tommy really built this?”
“Wow! Tommy really did a good job. Nice!”
“Hee hee!”

Hearing my praise, smiling ear to ear, my son seemed to feel good.
Seeing how cute he was, I stroke his head.

Having a conversation with my son, I suddenly recalled myself with Heavenly Mother.
Although She personally reserved and managed everything, wanting to give Her children blessings, She praises that everything was credited to Her children, that they have contributed small strength.

In those days when I was immature, I thought I preached and bore fruit because I was good at it.
However, every work was invisibly guided by Heavenly Mother.

I give Infinite thanks to Mother who gives me big rewards for small duties. And I want to be a child giving her joy by being loyal, even to small duties, listening to Mother’s words.