Korea, the land of prophecy in the Bible ?

The Bible prophesied 2nd Coming Christ(Ahnsahnghong) would cometo the earth

to give us salvation.

Then, from which country will 2nd Coming Christ come?

We can find the answer through the scriptures of the Bible about the work of salvation in the last day.

In Rev. 7, the Bible prophesied God would put seal of God on the foreheads of God’s people from the east to save them from last disaster.

And prophet Isaiah also prophesied God would come from the east as a man.
Then, where is “the east”?

First, because Revelation was written in the island of Patmos and the book of Isaiah was written in Israel, “the east” must be a country in the east of Patmos and Israel.

Second, God’s seal, that is the Passover, must be appeared from “the east” in the last age.
Through these two evidences, we can realize “the east” which 2nd Coming Christ come is Korea!

According to the prophecies, 2nd Coming Christ who came to Korea is Christ Ahnsahnghong.
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We should not repeat mistake of the Pharisees and Jews who slandered and crucified Jesus  2,000 years ago. We should press on know Christ Ahnsahnghong  nim is our Savior who leads  us to the kingdom of  Heaven from  this sinful world.