Do You Love God? – I hope so!!


If we do something simply out of a sense of duty, we will find it hard to do, feeling distressed and helpless, as time goes by. However, if we do it with love, we won’t feel that way. As for parents who have a sick child, they do not feel tired at all even though they spend many sleepless nights taking care of their child to save his or her life. That is the power of love.

  Recently I read a story entitled, “If I Could Be Born Again in the World!” on the Internet. A middle school teacher gave his students a writing assignment during class; he asked them to write stories titled: “If I Could Be Born Again in the World!” Among the stories submitted by the students, there was a remarkable story that definitely caught his attention. The story was written by a disabled student who used a wheelchair to attend school with his mother’s help.

His story begins with an expression of his wish: “If I could be born again in the world, I would be my mother’s mother. “The reason described below shows what was in his mind; he thought about how much his mother had suffered to accompany him to and from school and take care of him day and night. Considering the incalculable amount of love he had received from his mother, he came to the conclusion that he could not repay his mother’s love no matter how devoted and obedient he was to her and that the only way to repay his mother for her tremendous love was to become his mother’s mother.

It could have been his wish to be born again healthy and become an athlete or a high jumper. However, he did not make a wish for himself. He only thought about what he should do to repay the love and devotion his mother gave to him, solely wishing for her son to succeed in life. So, he came to have such a praiseworthy and mature thought for his age: ‘if I could be born again, I would be my mother’s mother and repay her for her incalculable love and sacrifice for me.’

This story, though short, leaves a great and lasting impression on out minds. We tend to think about our hard times first. The student, however, thought about his mother, who sacrificed herself for him, more than himself. So, he wrote this in his story: “If I could be born again, I would be my mother’s mother.”

Let us not only think of our pain and fatigue, but think of the path of sacrifice Heavenly Mother is walking for us, Her children. I want us all to keep Mother’s sacrifice deep in out hearts like the student in the story, so we can be devoted to Mother as her children. Even though we never could give love more than mother do, but we try not to forget our Heavenly Mother’s sacrifice ever and ever.

World Mission Society Church of God believe in God the Father and God the Mother.