New Year, NEW You

New Year Resolutions 2015

Did you set up resolutions for 2015?

Making new year’ resolutions is a part of tradition  to accomplish something in our lives.

How can we put a spin on those year resolutions this year to make them more real?

Start small. Yes, the smaller the resolution, the better chances it has of being fulfilled. The completion of a small resolution will set you on the path of attaining a bigger one. A small resolution will set you in a mind frame that will prepare you to attain a bigger set of goals.

Make a resolution personal. To make a resolution that involves other people is not wise. Then it is just a wish because when your life is not affected by others, their lives are not getting affected by yours especially when it is only a resolution.

You want a resolution to work, make a resolution for yourself. A resolution that involves your own personal life like loose weight or make your time management better or eat healthy.

Those little things that are lacking in your life, make a resolution to solve them and fill them and prepare yourself for accepting change in your life and preparing yourself for newer experiences.

Making a New Years Resolution is easy but sticking to it is hard so make a secondary resolution to stick to your primary resolution.

New Year's Resolutions

That is the factor that matters the most that when the new year comes and brings good and bad things, you don’t get overwhelmed when good things happen and forget your resolution and loose heart when bad things happen and give up on your resolution.

Each year we make so many and we realize by the end of the years that we have achieved none, that is a disappointing feeling.

You should make a lot of resolutions at the start of the year but make sure you fulfill at least one of them. So as long as you stick to one, remember you are changing your life. Happy New Year resolutions