My husband believes in Christ Ahnsahnghong


Hi, this is Lauren. I’ve been attending the World Mission Society Church of God for seven years.
My husband and my two sons are members of the Church of God, and all are attending with joy.

Before I was in the World Mission Society Church of God, I have been to many different churches but my life was always the same. But there was a turning point when my husband started to change.

He was being so nice, kind and even was so patient. This all started when he attended the World Mission Society Church of God 11 years ago. He always considered and never made me feel left out even though I didn’t attend the Church of God.

I have attended one of the bazaars held by the Church of God, and after few months I studied the Bible with them. Then, I finally became a daughter of Heavenly Mother. From then till now, we are maintaining a happy marriage life.

Do you have misunderstandings that the World Mission Society Church of God is a strange church?

Before I became a member, I didn’t know about the church. But now I can boldly say about the benevolent teachings and neighborly love.

We can understand the depth of love of God through the teachings of God the Mother as well as God the Father. Our Elohim God truly loves us. If we resemble the love of God and practice the teachings of God, we can please God to repay for the great love and sacrifices of God.