Mother’s Prayer ♡ God the Mother ♡ Christ Ahnsahnghong

The Church of God is always with God the Mother.  We deliver the truth with the greatest love, the love of Mother.  Please listen to the truth with Mother’s love and receive the blessings of God abundantly!

Whenever I listen to thefragrance of Zion, I always recall my mom.
I truly wanted my mom to receive the truth, who has been leading her life by the sweat of the brow alone; it was so much tiring with doing a farming work all through her life.  However, she didn’t even want tolisten to the words of the truth, while accepting all others.   Even if I tried to preach to her many times,she rather scolded me.

Feeling depressed, I gotmad at her and even appealed to her, but then she just threw doubt on me askingif I go to a strange church.  In spite ofhaving no religion, she rather tried to stop my belief, insisting that I shouldnot go to any other churches except Methodist or Presbyterian ones where myrelatives go to.  Whenever she did that,I felt hopeless and regrettable wondering how she could not trust her child atall.  I felt so envious of spiritual brothersand sisters leading their physical families to Zion.

One day, when shevisited a hospital not feeling well, she was advised to undergo an operation byher doctor.  She seemed to feel weaken and have many thoughts about the operation. Since she was long way past seventy, other families got worried about her so much.

To meet my mom stayingin sister’s house to get an operation, I got on the bus and prayed to HeavenlyMother.  When I arrived there, shewelcomed me so much but I felt uncomfortable in mind.  My sister staying home went to church but didn’ttry to reject my religion nor listen to the truth.

My mind was so muchtroubled wishing mom to receive the truth and worrying if she refuses it at all. Heavenly Mother was the only one I couldtrust so I prayed to Her with earnest mind. At that moment, my sister said she had an appointment to make and lefthome.  Feeling this must be the greatchance to preach from Heavenly Mother for sure, I preached about Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother to my mom and my mind was shaking with an excitingmind.  Watching mom who was hesitating, I felt like the heaven was about to destroy but I tried to persuade her again bypraying for Heavenly Mother.

Finally, she said she wanted to be baptized and at this, tears came to my eyes.
All of these were trulythe grace of Heavenly Mother.

When I was about to leave home, I could not find a key.  She kind of hesitated to go, saying she couldnot go with the door opened so I asked her to come with me and finally broughtthe cab.

Her body was not healthy with several times of operations and farming workfor all her life, so she almost crawled on the steps to the church on the 5thfloor.  However, she didn’t say it was hard at all and finally got baptized just like a lamb.

Suddenly, I felt urgent withthe fact that I left home with the door open. When I was about to come out of the Zion quickly, I couldn’t see mom butthere found her praying for God.  Fromthat scene, I got shocked because then I realized I myself had no belief atall.  Even though Heavenly Mother prepared all given conditions, I had no belief.

I felt so shameful and regrettable.   Returning home, nothing seemed wrong and it was before my sister came back home. Once again, I gave thanks to heavenly Mother and felt so sorry.   I sincerely give thanks to Heavenly Mother who prays with tears for this sinful child to get the belief firmly into the mind.