Love that waits ♡ Christ Ahnsahnghong ♡ God the Mother

The Church of God is always with God the Mother.  We deliver the truth with the greatest love, the love of Mother.  Please listen to the truth with Mother’s love and receive the blessings of God abundantly!

God the Mother
God the Mother

Taking care of toddlers, I severely scold them whenever they make mistakes.
My heart hurts, but I decided that it is for the child’s own good to point out their faults.
However, rather than scolding them all the time, I found out that when I embrace them, the children seemed to change.

Scolding may change a person that moment, but it doesn’t last long. Though love does not change a person right away, as time passes by, that person realizes, and that realization stays touched in his heart. I think that eventually changes that person.

While walking on the gospel road, there are cases when we have different thoughts from each other, and things don’t turn out as the way we want to.
Whenever that happens, it makes me concerned.
Is it helpful to tell the brother or sister about their mistakes, or is it better to just wait restraining myself?
Both seem to be right, but I find myself brooding which one is right.
The answer was in Mother’s love; what I’ve seen, heard and felt.
Whenever I made mistakes, Mother never told my faults.
She waited until I realized by myself, and hid and embraced my faults.
As time passed by, and when I lately realized my faults, Mother’s love came to me, moving me.
That love gave me strength, for me to put on effort to change myself.
Though every moment, I try to resemble Mother’s heart, when I face difficult situation, it doesn’t turn out what I thought to be.
This is the evidence that I haven’t change into love yet.
Now, carrying emotionally surging Mother’s love, I also will become the child who shares that kind of love.