Eternal Life, God's promise

Y.H. Cheon
2023-10-30 13:59

Eternal Life is the most valuable blessing that God allows. (1 John 2:25)

If you believe in God, you will want to obtain eternal life.

If we just believe, will eternal life be given? Nope!

Then, How can we receive eternal life?

The answer is in the Bible. Let's find out!

[John 6:53~54]

"Jesus said to them, I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life..."

[Luke 22:15, 19~20]

"Jesus said to them, 'I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.... And he took bread,... this is my body.... in the same way, he took the cup, saying, 'this cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you."

As we know well, The Words of Jesus are the truth of eternal life.

In order to obtain eternal life, we have to keep the New Covenant Passover.

This is God's absolute promise for entering Heavenly Kingdom.

In this age, the New Covenant Passover is restored by Christ Ahnsahnghong.

All thanks and Glory to Christ Ahnsahnghong who revealed the way of eternal life.
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  • 2023-11-01 03:44

    Jesus shed his precious blood on the cross. It was because of our sins. God the Father walked thorny path which we had to go through. We have to realize love and sacrifice of God in order to obey words of God. When we realize sacrifice and love of God, we will be able to obey whatever God commands us in these last days too. There are still many people who have not realized how we can get salvation. Let us go to them and let them know this message, so that they will be able to get life by God's grace!

  • 2023-11-01 04:01

    I give eternal thanks and honor to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for giving us eternal life!

  • 2023-11-01 13:30

    It is important that God promised the eternal life to people who keep the Passover of the New Covenant. Let's keep the Passover in the World Mission Society Church of God.

  • 2023-11-01 13:33

    When we keep the passover of the new covenant, we will live forever in the kingdom of heaven with Elohim God's grace. It's firm promise. I'm happy to see that in the bible clearly.

  • 2023-11-01 13:34

    why does God want to give us eternal life? There is no death in the Kingdom of Heaven, This means that mortal beings can never go there. This is why Jesus so earnestly wanted to give us eternal life. We could only die. But since Jesus wanted to make us eternal beings and bring us to Heaven, He commanded us to keep the Passover. Therefore, let us all keep the Passover which God Himself commanded us to keep, receive eternal life, and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • 2023-11-01 13:34

    In this age, through the Passover, let us follow Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, who gave us eternal life, and enter heaven.

  • 2023-11-01 13:34

    Almoost church says, "Just believe, then can receive eternal life and go to heaven."
    However, Jesus alreadt taugh to us that how can we get eternal life.
    Passover is among them. we must keep the Passover for our salvation.

  • 2023-11-01 13:37

    We must observe Passover, the feast of Jesus' flesh and blood, to obtain eternal life. Let's believe in God and observe Passover.

  • 2023-11-01 13:37

    Eternal life in's the most valuable to the heavenly sinners.
    Only God can give us the eternal life.
    In this last age of the Holy Spirit, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God gave us the forgiveness of our sins and eternal life through the Passover.
    Thanks to God the Savior, Chrits Ahnsahnghong!!

  • 2023-11-01 13:37

    God promised to give us eternal life if we keep the Passover.
    If we keep the Passover, God will give us eternal life.

  • 2023-11-01 13:39

    For God's Children
    I am thankful that God came to this earth as a person and gave me the blessing of life with flesh and blood.

  • 2023-11-05 06:45

    God has allowed us the eternal life through the New Covenant Passover.
    So, if we want to receive the eternal life, we have to keep the New Covenant Passover.
    Only WMSCOG where was established by Christ Ahnsahnghong who is the Second Coming Jesus keeps the New Covenant Passover.
    Come to WMSCOG and keep the New Covenant Passover in order to receive eternal life and go to Heaven.

  • 2023-11-01 13:37

    God established new covenant that we can alive. And new covenant represent passover. When we keep the passover, we can receive eternal life.

  • 2023-11-01 14:46

    The Bible says that God promised us eternal life. Then, how does God keep his promise? Looking into the Bible, we can get the answer. Jesus said that anyone who eats His flesh and drinks His blood would have eternal life and He established the Passover of the New Covenant through which we can eat His flesh and drink His blood. According Jesus, the Passover bread becomes His flesh and the Passover wine becomes His blood. Therefore, anyone who has kept the Passover of the New Covenant with faith can have eternal life.

  • 2023-11-07 13:38

    If YOU truly believe God, there must be action accordingly. So Jesus has taught to about that. God said that he gave us commandments and a lot a laws and tested us to keep or not . He gave a new covenant to keep for salvation. Therefore, it is faith in God to observe the New Covenant Passover. Let's keep Passover until the end of the world and enter heaven

  • 2023-11-13 13:55

    Only those who have received eternal life can go to heaven. God gave us eternal life through the Passover.

  • 2023-11-16 01:55

    Through the New Covenant Passover, we can inherit God's blood and become children of God who are granted eternal life.

  • 2023-11-16 13:35

    We are children of promise for that we are like Isaac who was son of Sara and became the heir of Abraham's family. Why are we children like Isaac? Because we are children of God the Mother who Sara stands for. Eternal life is given to us by God the Mother who is testified in the Bible.

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