WMSCOG and the law fulfilled by Jesus Christ

2023-01-31 15:47
Many people insist that we can have salvation only by faith. They say that the law of God was abolished after Jesus. However, WMSCOG keeps the law of God such as the Sabbath and the Passover according to the teachings of God.

Mt 5:17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.
Did Jesus say that He came to abolish the law? No, He came to fulfill the law. There must be the law of God fulfilled by Jesus Christ. It’s the law of Christ. We must keep the law of Christ fulfilled by Jesus such as the Sabbath and the Passover in the new testament times too. It’s wrong to insist that there’s no more need to keep the law of God in this age because they were abolished after Jesus. Let’s keep the law of God in WMSCOG and receive eternal salvation.
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  • 2023-02-01 10:52

    The apostles, who absolutely believed in the Bible, correctly recognized, realized, and received Jesus, who had come in the form of a man just like them, through the clear prophecies and evidence of the Bible. The Bible clearly prophesies that God Himself establishes a new covenant, and according to these prophecies, the Passover of the new covenant was established by Jesus at the first coming 2,000 years ago, and the Passover of the new covenant, which had been abolished and disappeared, was reestablished by Christ Ahnsahnghong at the Second Coming. Therefore, Jesus at the First Coming and Christ Ahnsahnghong are fundamentally omniscient and omnipotent Gods testified in the Bible.

  • 2023-02-01 14:24

    Who will be the heavenly heirs in God's sight? Not ll believers, but only those who are faithful to God's will. The way to be faithful to God's will is keeping His commands written in the Bible. The Bible gives us the wisdom of eternal salvation from God the Savior.
    In this age, members of the WMSCOG are keeping is step with Elohim God's will. Christ Ahnsahnghong has restored the new covenant and God the Mother is teaching the words of life, dwelling in Zion.

  • 2023-02-01 14:57

    Amen!! God taught us that faith without deeds is dead faith. God also said that not everyone who believes in God will enter the kingdom of heaven. We must fully keep the commandments that God has commanded us to keep. Only those who keep the word of God and do it can go to heaven where God is.

  • 2023-02-02 13:04

    There are the law of Moses and the law of Christ. The law of Moses has been changed to the law of Christ. So we can say that the law of Moses has been abolished but it doesn't mean that the law of God was abolished. The law of Moses was abolished but there is the law of Jesus. Therefore we must keep the law of Christ until the end!

  • 2023-02-02 13:05

    The existence of the kingdom of God means that there are also laws to be followed in the kingdom of God.
    God's law is the new covenant, which is the law of Christ. Let's keep the law of the new covenant, which the children of God who enter the kingdom of heaven must abide by.

  • 2023-02-02 13:04

    We must keep the law of Christ, the New Covenant to receive the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. God allows us to receive salvation by keeping the New Covenant, the law of God. It's God's promise for his children.

  • 2023-02-02 13:07

    The Bible testifies God will come to this earth and give us the New covenant. We should believe in Him to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • 2023-02-02 13:24

    God has given God’s laws so that the man who obeys them will live by them. All the laws have been given to us for our own good. Many churches that observe Sunday services insist that the Sabbath and the Passover are the law of the Old Testament which have been abolished. However, they have never been abolished but rather fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Therefore, we must keep the Sabbath and the Passover of the New Covenant, which have been made perfect. Today, only World Mission Society Church of God keeps the Sabbath and the Passover of the New Covenant according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • 2023-02-02 13:35

    Faith that God recognizes is faith that acts. God's law is not just an ornament. It's the law of life that we have to keep.

  • 2023-02-02 13:29

    The Sabbath and the Passover of the new covenant came from Jesus. The new covenant is very precious law for our salvation. To fulfill the law, He came as a sacrifice Himself and opened the way of forgiveness of sins. So the law of Christ is not a simple law of God but love of God. By keeping it, we come to know Him and have belief in Him. I hope all people participate this precious law and enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • 2023-02-02 13:09

    Our spiritual hometown is heaven. We have to go back there.How to go back? Jesus gave his flesh and blood through the new covenant Passover.

  • 2023-02-02 13:35

    Jesus came to the earth for the fulfillment of the law of Moses 2,000 years ago.
    Jesus allowed us Christ's law through which we can get salvation!
    No matter what people say, insisting that all the laws were abolished.
    We are to keep the Christ's law that Jesus allowed us for our salvation!

  • 2023-02-02 13:35

    He said that faith without works is dead. We must keep all the statutes of the new covenant that Jesus taught and set an example for and that the apostles followed.

  • 2023-02-02 13:38

    God established the New covenant such as the Passover, the Sabbath for our salvation.
    We can receive salvation in the Church of God(WMSCOG) established by Christ Ahnsahnghong, who restored the truth of the new covenant that had disappeared since the time of the apostles.

  • 2023-02-07 06:41

    Amen! The truth of the Bible such as the Passover, Sabbath and all the other God's feasts have been testified by God Elohim Themselves. Whoever keeps them can be saved and become God's children, being testified by Heavenly Parents.

  • 2023-02-16 14:31

    In order to receive salvation and go to heaven, you must keep the Sabbath and Passover according to God's will.
    Only wmscog keeps the New Covenant Passover and the Sabbath.

  • 2023-07-05 13:25

    I didn't know the fact there is Law of Christ as well as Law of Moses before I came to wmscog. The teachings from wmscog is truth of truth.

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