History of Abraham’s Family and Heavenly Mother

2022-07-07 02:03
The church of God believes in not only God the father but also God the mother.
The bible testifies her through many stories and one of these is Abraham's family.
We can know Issac became Abraham's heir in his family and the decisive factor was his mother, Sarah, who was free. Abraham represents God the father and Issac represents God's children. Then, Who is Sarah? She represents God the mother.
It means only those who are heavenly mother's children can become God's heir. Thus, we should try to know God the mother and follow her.
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  • 2022-07-07 11:24

    All prophecies related with our salvation. The prophecy of history of the Abraham' family also has a big secret.
    It is that God the Mother has to appear for salvation in the last day. Most Christians think they will be saved by believeing God the Father, but as above posting, God the Mother is decisive factor to become an heir of God. Eliezer and Ishmael whose mother is not free could not be heir of Abraham, but we should be like Isaac whose mother is free and let's become an heir of God.

  • 2022-07-07 11:36

    That's right! We are children of promise as Issac.That is, we can be God's children when we believe in God the Mother and follow the Words of God the Mother. Only WMSCOG believe in Heavenly Jerusalem Mother.👍❤

  • 2022-07-07 12:28

    The heir of Abraham, Isaac represents the heir of God who can enter the kingdom of heaven. As Isaac became the heir in the Abraham's family because of Mother, Sarah, we can become the heir of God in the heavenly family because of God the Mother at the end. Let's believe in God the Mother as well as God the Father.

  • 2022-07-07 13:05

    Amen! We are the children of God like Isaac. Just like Isaac became the heir of Abraham's family through his mother Sarah, the free woman, so we will be God's heir through God the Mother who is free woman. Without God the Mother, we cannot become the children of God, and cannot receive salvation. Let's believe in God the Mother as well as God the Father!!

  • 2022-07-07 13:08

    To become God's heirs, we should believe in God the Father and God the Mother.

  • 2022-07-07 13:33

    Through the story of Abraham's family we can know the qualification to become God's heir as it is the prophecy that let us know who can become God's heir.

  • 2022-07-07 13:33

    The whole Bible testifies the existence of God the Father and God the Mother. Moreover the Bible tells us only those who believe in God the Mother would inherit would become the heir of God! I give thanks and glory to Elohim God for gathering us to Zion as the children of God 🙂

  • 2022-07-07 13:34

    Bible said we are children like Issac. It means that we can be children of God by Heavenly Mother. Without Heavenly Mother, we can't receive the blessing of salvation. Let us believe and follow Her who is the source of the blessing of salvation!

  • 2022-07-07 13:34

    Without knowing God the Mother, no one can be the children of God. In order to be God's heir, we must believe and follow our God the Mother. The Bible said that we are the children of promise. The  promise is eternal life. And the Bible also said that the children of promise is the children of God the Mother. Only through God the Mother, we can receive eternal life. I hope that all the people of the whole world must receive our God the Mother so that we can go to the kingdom of heaven together!

  • 2022-07-07 13:34

    God has shown us how to go to heaven through the history of the Bible. Just as Isaac became an heir through his mother, we can become heirs of God through Heavenly Mother.

  • 2022-07-07 13:44

    Is there anyone who will understand God's deep will for the heavenly ones? God has waited 6,000 years to allow us the wisdom of eternal salvation. The kingdom of heaven is to be allowed only to the chosen, no to all people. Then, who will be heavenly heirs among many people? By the Bible, only those who are following God the Mother will be heavenly heirs. They are truly the children of promise. Many people have no idea that the Bible wrote the existence of God the Mother. Indeed, God the Mother is the key to eternal salvation. In this age, Christ Ahnsahnghong has revealed the truth of God the Mother, the source of the water of life.

  • 2022-07-08 10:19

    There are lots of churches around the world. Among them, which church should we choose to get salvation. In the age, we must choose the church which believes in God the Father and God the Mother. You might have never heard of God the Mother in the Bible. However, the Bible clearly testifies about the existnece of God the Mother. Through the history of Abraham's family, we can understand that we must believe in God the Mother to be God's children and enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • 2022-07-10 13:11

    The Bible testifies that only if we become the children of a woman who is free, we can receive the promise of salvation and go to heaven. Sarah represents a woman who is free. Isaac inherited Abraham's inheritance because he was Sarah's child. In order for us to enter the kingdom of heaven and inherit God's inheritance as God's children, we must become children of Heavenly Mother, a woman who is absolutely free. Those who do not believe in Heavenly Mother cannot be saved and go to heaven.

  • 2022-07-11 07:11

    Who do you really need if you want to become a child of the promise like Isaac, and if you want to inherit the kingdom of heaven?
    A ‘free woman’ is ‘our mother’.
    In other words, if you want to believe in God and receive salvation, you must become a child of God the Mother.
    Just as Isaac was able to inherit the inheritance because he was a child of a free woman, not a slave, we too can receive the inheritance of heaven when we believe in God the Mother, New Jerusalem, who is free.
    The deep will of God that God wants to inform us through the family of Abraham is the existence of God the Mother in New Jerusalem.

  • 2022-07-11 13:27

    Isaac became Abraham's heir thanks to his mother, Sarah. Isaac's mother, Sarah, was the key factor that helped him become the heir. Likewise, we can become God's heir when we believe in God the Mother, who gives us eternal life. WMSCOG believes in God the Mother according to the testimonies of the Bible. It is so grateful that God the Father and God the Mother let us realize Them through the testimonies of the Bible and become the heirs of Heaven. Let us take it into heart that God the Mother's children are the heirs of Heaven and believe in Her.

  • 2022-07-16 14:43

    In this age, the belief in Elohim God is needed for the kingdom of heaven. To begin with, Christ Jesus has come a second time in the name of 'Ahnsahnghong'. Christ Ahnsahnghong wanted us to receive God the Mother for the kingdom of heaven. It's so clear that no one will inherit the kingdom of heaven without receiving God the Mother. The water of life flows out from God the Mother, who dwells in Zion.

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