God Who Gives the Forgiveness of Sins

2022-03-22 03:25
Only God has the authority and power to give forgiveness of sins.
Jesus showed the power to walk the lame to show that He is the God who has the authority of forgiveness of sins.
And He said that if he wants to receive true forgiveness of sins, we must keep the New Covenant Passover to participate in the blood of Christ.

The New Covenant is the regulation of truth that forgives all sins both in heaven and on earth.
After the New Covenant was abolished by Satan, mankind could not receive the forgiveness of sins on their own, so God Ahnsahnghong came and taught the Sabbath and the Passover of the New Covenant one by one.
He established and is leading the church of God with the truth of the forgiveness of sins.

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  • 2022-03-22 12:47

    We, who need blessings of the forgiveness of sin, must meet God. God we must meet in this age is Christ Ahnsahnghong who restored Passover.

  • 2022-03-22 13:40

    Only God can give us the forgiveness of sins. So we must receive God. God established the truth of the New Covenant to save us. In this last age, Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the truth of life. Let's believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong and keep the truth of God.

  • 2022-03-22 23:08

    The reason why God comes to the earth even a second time is to give forgiveness of sins.
    Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother New Jerusalem came to the earth as that reason.
    They give us forgiveness of sins and salvation with their love and sacrifice.

  • 2022-03-23 01:28

    Only God has the power to forgive sins. The blessing of the forgiveness of sins is obtained through the truth of the Passover established by the flesh and blood of God. Passover, Salvation, and God Are Closely Related

  • 2022-03-23 03:48

    Only God can give us the forgiveness of sins. The way to forgiveness of sins is keeping the new covenant Passover. Christ Ahnsahnghong allows us keep the Passover. Therefore Christ Ahnsahnghong is our God and the savior.

  • 2022-03-23 06:08

    We must receive the forgiveness of sins to enter the kingdom of heaven. God allows us to receive the forgiveness of sins through the New Covenant. When we realize our sins and repent by obeying the words of God, we can receive salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • 2022-03-23 07:29

    Amen! Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the Passover of the New Covenant. So we can receive the forgiveness of our sins. Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother to open the way of eternal life.

  • 2022-03-23 10:48

    Only God has the authority of forgiveness of sins. Jesus came to the earth and forgave those who keep the Passover. It means that the one who establishes the Passover has the authority of forgiveness. It also means that he is God!! Christ Ahnsahnghong came to the earth again and restored the Passover which was abolished by devils. That means that Christ Ahnsahnghong is our God!! Therefore, those who believe Christ Ahnsahnghong and keep the Passover can receive the forgiveness of sins and go back to Heaven!

  • 2022-03-23 12:53

    What do you need the most? We, sinners need to receive forgiveness of our sins that we committed in heaven in order to go back to the kingdom of God. Then we should know that who has an authority to forgive our sins. That is our God. God is the only one who can forgive our sins. That is why God came down this earth in the flesh to forgive our sins. Without God's coming we would never get opportunities to return back home. Giving eternal thanks to Elohim God for Your coming and great sacrifice for us.

  • 2022-03-23 13:34

    Our purpose for reading the Bible is God has given us to save our souls.
    We can go to Heaven when we do what God has commanded us.
    God has set up and a truth that no one must change.

  • 2022-03-23 13:35

    In Zion, where God's feasts are kept, we can keep the Passover, the truth of God.
    The standard of our faith is the Bible.
    According to the Bible, the church that tells the new covenant of life like Jesus 2000 years ago is the true church.
    That true church is wmscog.

  • 2022-03-23 14:08

    Christ Ahnsahnghong restored all the truth of the New Covenant and allowed the blessings of the eternal life and the forgiveness of sins. He is truly our God and savior.

  • 2022-03-23 14:50

    Amen! Only God can grant forgiveness of sins. Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the Passover, the truth of life, that Jesus allowed 2,000 years ago and gave us the path to life. I am infinitely grateful to Christ Ahnsahnghong.

  • 2022-03-24 12:22

    Amen~~ When we want to get something, we ask and make a request to the person who has what we want. Conversely, it means that no matter how hard we ask someone who doesn't have what we want, we won't get it.
    Many people want the forgiveness of sins, but they do not know exactly who the God who gives the forgiveness of sins is, and they vaguely believe in them.
    We can get it only when we properly understand God Elohim, who is the Holy Spirit and the Bride, and come to God Elohim to ask for forgiveness.

  • 2022-04-06 13:38

    I give thanks to God for giving us the forgiveness of sins through the Passover.

  • 2022-03-25 08:40

    All people on the earth are sinners who were expelled from heaven due to sins. In order to return to heaven we must receive the promise of the forgiveness of sins while living on this earth. Who can give us the forgiveness of sins? Only God can. 2000 years ago, Jesus established the Passover of the new covenant for the forgiveness of sins (Matthew 26:28.) However, the new covenant was abolished by Satan in AD325 and no noe could keep the new covenant since then. For this reason, it's prophesied that Christ would appear a second time to bring salvation (Hebrews 9:28.) To return to heaven, we ought to meet the Second Coming Christ. Christ Ahnsahnghong is the Second Coming Christ, who restored the Passover of the new covenant and opened to the way to the forgiveness of sins again.

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