God in the flesh

2021-01-25 13:15
God in the flesh

Why do people in the Church of God believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong as the Second Coming Christ?
Sometimes some people are very surprised that we believe in man as God, and some ask how man can be God.
Of course, man cannot be God, but the omnipotent God can come as a man in the flesh. Jesus, born 2000 years ago in the form of a child, also came in the flesh according to the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah.

Isaiah 9: 6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

The Bible prophesies that the Second Coming Christ, who will appear in the last days, will also come to this earth for the second time in the flesh.

Hebrews 9: 28 so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

In a world of invisible souls, God is always with us. So, the expression'appears' is not appropriate. In other words, just as he came in the flesh when he first came to this earth, it means that he comes again 'in the flesh' when he come to this earth the second time.

If there is a prophecy in the Bible, it will surely be fulfilled, and in time, we will see it with our eyes. Whether you believe it or not, the prophecies of the Bible are sure to come true, point by point.

Christ Ahnsahnghong, who has came to the earth in the flesh according to the prophecy in search of His children, leaving the glory and authority of heaven behind to save His children. He is our God, Savior and must be our Father.
I am truly grateful for our Father's precious love and sacrifice.

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  • 2021-01-25 13:44

    Christ Ahnsahnghong who came in the flesh and brought back the Passover to open the way for us to enter the kingdom of heaven. He is truly our God, our savior in this age.

  • 2021-01-25 13:46

    The biggest reason why religious leaders slandered Jesus, the Savior 2000 years ago, was because Jesus came to this earth in the flesh. However, the Bible clearly testified of God who came in the flesh, and it was Jesus who came to this earth according to the prophecy. And now the Bible testifies of Christ who will come in the second flesh. And the prophecy was 100% fulfilled by Christ Ahnsahnghong.

  • 2021-01-25 13:46

    There is a reason why God has to come in the flesh. if he did not come in the flesh, no one know the truth from false and could nit be saved at this last age. Christ has to come for our salvation. he is Christ Ahnshanghong and he walked the way of sacrifice for people who slow to realize God.Thanks Father.

  • 2021-01-25 13:47

    It is not difficult for God Almighty to appear as a man. Christ Ahnsahnghong is our God who came to this earth to save us.

  • 2021-01-25 13:48

    Even though Christ Ahnsahnghong came to this Earth in the flesh, still He is our God and Savior. It is sure that the Bible clearly testifies that almighty God can come in the flesh. That is why we should not reject the truth just because God came in the flesh. I give eternal thanks and glory to Elohim God for coming to this Earth and leading us to the eternal kingdom of heaven.

  • 2021-01-25 13:48

    I wonder how good it would be if God could save us all without coming as humans.  If so, could I have said that my sins in heaven were a little less bad?  Because our sins were so vicious that  God the Father of our souls came to us as humans and had to be sacrificed for us.  Christ Ahnsahnghong  who is second comming Jesus reconstructed the Passover for the salvation of our souls.  The meaning of the Passover reconstruction is the restoration of Zion.  This is something you cannot do without God.

  • 2021-01-25 14:19

    Because of our great sins, God came to this earth in the flesh. We must give all thanks and glory to our Elohim God.

  • 2021-01-25 15:25

    God's coming in the flesh is the Love of God. It brought us salvation. So, we should give all thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for Their coming down in the flesh.

  • 2021-01-26 03:48

    Without his sacrifice, I couldn't go to the kingdom of heaven. Thanks to Elohim God!

  • 2021-01-26 09:30

    Amen, Whenever I study the prophecies of the Bible, I can be sure that Christ Ahnsahnghong is the Second Coming Christ who is the Savior in this last age. I give thanks and honor to God the Father and God the Mother.

  • 2021-01-26 12:41

    I'm so blessed one because I've received Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother as the Spirit and the Bride and following Them in Zion! Some people may be stunned by my belief on Elohim God, while some are indifferent to it. There're lots of people with various life style and they act after their own kinds. But, whoever has no part with the Elohim God, who had appeared in the flesh, will not be pleased at the end of his life. The knowledge of the Spirit and the Bride should be known to everyone on the earth. Then, it comes as a surprise to understand that Elohim God has come down out of heaven to the earth with the living water. In this age, Elohim God has come to bring Their redemption work to completion!

  • 2021-01-26 12:54

    When Christ Ahnsahnghong came in the flesh, He fulfilled the prophecies of the Bible. To give us salvation, He has come in the flesh in the last age. Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong.

  • 2021-01-26 13:36

    Christ Ahnshanghong is true our God who has come down to this earth in the flesh. He has fulfilled all the prophecies in the Bible. I will follow Him wherever He goes cuz He lead us to eternal Kingdom of Heaven!

  • 2021-01-27 04:53

    Hydroelectric power plants generate electricity and thermal power plants generate electricity. Even though the electricity produced by the power plants is supplied to each household, the electricity doesn't run out. Likewise God comes to the earth in the flesh, His divine nature doesn't disappear, rather fills the whole universe. Christ Ahnsahnghong Who is almighty and omnipotent came in the flesh because there is nothing impossible for Him.

  • 2022-10-21 14:04

    God created all things visible and invisible, both spiritual and physical. He is Christ Ahnsahnghong.

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