Why Did Satan Want to Abolish the Sabbath Day?

2021-12-03 12:18
To keep the Sabbath day is God's commandment.
We must know to keep it isn't our choice but our duty because it is a sign for God's children. For this reason, Satan prevents us from keeping the Sabbath day.
They changed it into Sunday worship so people don't keep the Sabbath day.
But we should find the place where keep it to enter the kingdom of heaven.
Remember that only those who obey God's commandment can go to heaven.

[Psalm 119:127–128]
Because I love your commands more than gold, more than pure gold, and because I consider all your precepts right, I hate every wrong path.
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  • 2021-12-03 13:10

    In a word, whoever listens to God's commands will be saved. On the contrary, those who are tempted by Satan will be condemned permanently. When we keep God's Sabbath, we can prove ourselves God's people. Keeping the Sabbath does not mean just remembering a certain day, but acknowledging that God is the Creator.
    When we do not keep the Sabbath, then, we are being tempted by Satan, not being aware of the reality.

  • 2021-12-04 08:58

    The Sabbath is not the law of the Old Testament that was abolished, but the law of the new covenant that Jesus set an example. In other words, we can see that the example of keeping the Sabbath of the new covenant as the law of Christ is the ordinance that Jesus and the apostles also kept (Luke 4:16, Acts 17:2, Acts 18:4). Satan change Sabbath worship to Sunday worship and lie that there is no need to keep the Sabbath. He is the only being who speaks words that are always contrary to God's will. Let's become those of us who have spiritual discernment and keep the Sabbath of the new covenant according to the teachings of the Bible.

  • 2021-12-06 13:17

    It is because we can realize who the Christ saving us is when we keep the Sabbath day. The true Christ is the one who commands us to keep the Sabbath day.(Ex. 31:13) Only the Church of God among many churches in the world keeps it and Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who teach us to keep the Sabbath day are our God, Elohim that the Bible testifies about. In the last days, our Elohim God appeared as the Spirit and the Bride in order to give us water of life , that is , the word of God leading us to eternal life. I do hope many could see the light of the glory of Elohim God!

  • 2021-12-06 02:11

    Jesus said that he did not come to break the law, but to fulfill it. According to these words, Jesus perfected the Old Testament law of offering sacrifices with the blood of animals into the New Covenant of offering sacrifices in spirit and truth. The Sabbath and Passover are the days that the law of the new covenant was changed. Jesus established the New Covenant Sabbath and Passover and set the example by doing it himself.

  • 2021-12-06 13:30

    It is impressive that the commandments God has given us are not optional. The commandments given by God are commands that we must obey. Some people want God to understand their opinion. However, if the day of worship is not important and it can be changed easily, why does God designate the day of worship?

  • 2021-12-06 13:35

    Even though there are hardships or suffering, we have to keep the words of God. Giving thanks to God for allowing us the Sabbath day as a sign of God’s people, let us follow all the commandments of God!

  • 2021-12-06 13:55

    Satan always uses wicked schemes to destroy our souls and lead us to hell.
    Satan abolished the Passover so that we cannot fully serve God. He also makes us worship idols by abolishing the Sabbath and keeping Sunday.
    We have a responsibility not to fall into the wicked schemes of Satan.

  • 2021-12-07 08:45

    It is because the blessing of the Sabbath day is to let us recognize the Christ who saves us! Satan has never liked it !

  • 2021-12-12 07:27

    the scheme of the evil power is very crafty to be enough for us to be trapped. Just as the big Serpent in the garden of Eden temtped Adam and Eve to pick the fruit and eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and committed grievous sins and betrayed God the Creators, the evil powers living with us in this earth have continously temped us to sin against God Elohim and betray Them. One of the way to make us trapped by breaking God's commands and laws is to keep the Sunday service, not the Sabbaths. God told us to remember the Sabbaths by keeping it holy. It is because They want us remember God the Creators whenever we keep the Sabbaths. As long as people don't keep the Sabbaths, they don't remember God the Creators. It is the scheme of the crafty serpent. Therefore we must keep the Sabbaths every Satursay in order to remember God the Creators, our Heavenly Parents' infinite love and boundless sacrifice.

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