The "Queen of Heaven" indicates our "God the Mother" ?- WMSCOG

2021-07-09 02:38
Those who deny our God the Mother claim that it is wrong for us to believe in God the Mother because worshiping the Queen of Heaven is to provoke God to anger and to sin against God, quoting Jer.7:18 and Jer.44:17~23. Is that correct ?

Jer. 7:18 [ Do you not see what they are doing in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem? 18 The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes of bread for the "QUEEN OF HEAVEN". They pour out drink offerings to " OTHER GODS " to provoke me to anger ]

Jer. 44:17~23 [We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn incense to the "Queen of Heaven" and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our fathers, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. .......23 Because you have burned incense and "have sinned against the LORD" and have not obeyed him or followed his law or his decrees or his stipulations, this disaster has come upon you, as you now see. "Then Jeremiah said to all the people, including the women, "Hear the word of the LORD , all you people of Judah in Egypt. ]

Considering the verses above, we can see that those who worshipped the Queen of Heaven
in those days were the ones who worshipped "other gods". So the Queen of Heaven was a fake one worshipped by idolaters who didn't know rightly about God the Creator (Elohim).

The Queen of Heaven indicates a pagan goddess that the Israelites learned from idolaters around them in Egypt and worshipped as the idolaters, not our God the Mother who is one of Elohim God. Thus, the claim that there is no God the Mother owing to a fake one, is like saying there is no Christ owing to a false Christ.

In fact, the existence of the Queen of Heaven clearly shows us that God the Mother truly exists. Why is that? It is because when there is a real one, fake ones will be made later on. According to a Bible dictionary, It is generally assumed that the Queen of Heaven worshipped by idolaters in the times of Jeremiah is Ishtar. This was why God empathized not to learn the ways of the nations, over and over again through a prophet Jeremiah.

Jer. 10:2~3 [ This is what the LORD says: "DO NOT LEARN THE WAYS OF THE NATIONS or be terrified by signs in the sky, though the nations are terrified by them. 3 For the customs of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel. ]

Jer. 10:11 [ "Tell them this: 'THESE GODS, WHO DID NOT MAKE THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH, WILL PERISH from the earth and from under the heavens. " ]

Therefore, we must not worship the Queen of Heaven as pagans did, but we must
truly believe in our God the Mother who is one of Elohim (Gods) and who has created the
heavens and the earth together with our God the Father.

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  • 2021-07-09 10:27

    We can know that insistence is wrong if we read the Bible little bit more. I hope there's no person that misunderstand about God the Mother. God the Mother exists and give us the eternal life!!

  • 2021-07-09 13:35

    It is shoked there is queen of heaven other god. Satan always make every efforts to hider realizing true God. Creator God is God the Father and God the Mother. The bible tells us They appear as the Spirit and the Bride in the last age to give is the water of life. So, God we must believe is wife of Christ not other gods. I give thanks to God for giving me wisdom to realize God the Mother.

  • 2021-07-10 04:16

    God the Mother exist!!.The Bible clearly tetifies.(Gal 4:26)!!

  • 2021-07-10 12:41

    We must believe in God the mother who created all things with God the Father. Bcuz God the Father and God the Mother are our savior, our almighty God who can gives us eternal life. Only those who believe in Elohim God who came in the flesh can receive eternal life according to the prophecy of the Bible.

  • 2021-07-11 12:53

    How could we compare to our God the Mother who is God with the Pagan goddess, just idol. we have a God the Mother gives the water of life never thirsty.

  • 2021-07-12 13:40

    Amen! The Bible tells us that God Elohim created everything in this world, and God Elohim refers to God the Father and God the Mother. We believe in Elohim God, God the Mother, not the goddess worshiped by pagans.

  • 2021-07-12 13:41

    We should study the Bible according to the teachings of God so that we may not distort God's will. According to the Bible, we must believe in Heavenly Mother as well as Heavenly Father.

  • 2021-07-12 13:42

    The foolishness of not being able to distinguish between idols and God is caused by not receiving wisdom and the Holy Spirit from God. It is prophesied that the true God cannot be recognized unless it is the Holy Spirit of wisdom given by the true God. If you truly want to know God the Creator and go to heaven when the time of prophecy is over, please study at the Church of God. Because we have the Passover, tree of life given by the Second Coming Jesus Christ Ahnsahnghong. Please come.

  • 2021-07-12 13:46

    The queen of heaven has never been our God the Mother. God Elohim clearly have taught us that the queen of heaven is the pagan's custom who is just one of other gods and if there is anyone to worship her will be cursed by God. However the Bible tesitifies about God the Mother, our Jerusalem Heavenly Mother, Who gave the spiritual birth and eternal life and is leading us to the kingdom of heaven. As all the creatures can be born through their moms, we, the spiritual children have to be born through our Spiritual Mother. It is God's will to create the creatures. God is omniscient and omnipoten, the life can be given by only male father. But God Elohim perform Their process of giving life that the male father can't give birth, rather only female mother can do. We have never been given eteranl life by the queen of heaven of pagan goddess. Let's give thanks and honour to our Heavenly Parents, Who teach us the true gospel of the truth of words of Them.

  • 2021-07-12 13:53

    The verses claimed by those who oppose the truth are not saying that we should not serve God the Mother.
    God is rebuking Israel because they forsook God's law and worshiped abominable idols.

  • 2021-07-12 13:55

    Satan who knows quite well that God the Mother is a key for our salvation, tempts us to deny God the Mother with fabricated lies. However, no matter how Satan tempts us, those who believe in God the Mother through the prophecies of the Bible will never change their mind and heart toward God the Mother ! She is truly our spiritual Mother that the Bible testifies about!

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