New Covenant Sabbath and Christ Ahnsahnghong

2021-05-11 23:52
The Church of God does not worship on Sundays. We keep the New Covenant Sabbath as testified in the Bible. The reason is so natural: The Bible testifies that the day of worshiping God is the seventh day, and the name of that day is the Sabbath. If we believe in God, we will be blessed by God when we observe the Sabbath on Saturday the seventh day.

Gen 2:3
Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

Ex 20:8
Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventhe day is a sabbath to the LORD your God.... Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbathe day and made it holy.

It was Ahnsahnghong who restored the Sabbath of the Bible. It is God who commanded and told the Sabbath to be kept. However, none of the so many pastors in this age are observing the Sabbath. Then, of course, as whom should we trust Ahnsahnghong?

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  • 2021-05-12 13:12

    In this age, only Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the Sabbath of the New Covenant as the truth of life. So only WMSCOG[World Mission Society Church of God] can keep the Sabbath and receives the blessings of God. Let's keep the Sabbath.

  • 2021-05-12 21:19

    [ If he called them 'gods,' to whom the word of God came--and the Scripture cannot be broken-- ]- Jn 10:35,
    God's word can never be broken nor disappear. This is what the Bible says. God commanded us to keep the Sabbath day holy, then we must obey the word at any cost. Because it's the law of God, so those belong to God's kingdom must follow it. That's why Jesus set the example of Sabbath day by keeping it. Therefore, we must offer a worship in spirit and in truth on Saturdays (Sabbath day), according to the example of Christ.

  • 2021-05-13 08:32

    The new covenant was abolished by Satan.
    Only Jesus can restore the new covenant which was etablished by Jesus. That's why Christ Ahnsahnghong is second coming Jesus Christ.

  • 2021-05-13 13:07

    I feel that keeping the Sabbath day is natural for those who believe God. I feel that it's like stopping in front of the red sign on the way when I drive. Although too many people don't keep the right way, we must keep going to the right way, especially when it comes to believe Elohim God!!!

  • 2021-05-13 13:17

    The truth is all around us.
    Our service is the seventh day of the Sabbath.
    Calendar, History, Bible
    All evidence says Saturday is a sabbath.
    On the seventh day, keep the Sabbath holy and be a blessed child of God.

  • 2021-05-13 13:08

    Some claim that the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) keeps the Sabbath day of the old covenant, but the Church of God keeps the Sabbath day of the new covenant. Jesus established the new covenant 2000 years ago. However, the new covenant disappeared during the Dark Ages. So, it's prophesied that Christ will appear a second time to bring salvation (Hebrews 9:28.) According to the prophecies of the Bible, Christ Ahnsahnghong has come to restore the new covenant.

    The Sabbath day is a sign between God and God's people. Let's observe the Sabbath day of the new covenant to become the children of God.

  • 2021-05-13 13:21

    What day is original Sabbath day?
    We can find out through Genesis.
    God created all things in six days after that seven day make holy and bless.
    That is origin of Sabbath day.
    What day is seventh day nowadays.
    According to dictionary , calendar and bible let is know the Saturday is Sabbath day not Sunday.
    If you worship to God correctly you should keep Saturday instead of Sunday.
    If you learn more please check WMSCOG.
    May God bless you.

  • 2021-05-13 13:37

    Christ Ahnsahnghong is the true 2nd coming Christ.
    No one can solve the mystery of the Bible
    The Passover is a very precious feast of God that leads us to the eternal kingdom of heaven. God wanted so much that everyone could live forever by keeping the Passover.

  • 2021-05-14 01:16

    The Church of God keeps the New Covenant Sabbath. Some say that the New Covenant Sabbath that the Church of God keeps is the Old Testament Sabbath and there is no need to keep it.If the New Covenant Sabbath that the Church of God keeps is the Old Testament Sabbath, contradictions arise. Because in the Old Testament Sabbath, if you worked on the Sabbath, you were killed on the spot. Also, the priests must shed the blood of the beast to keep the Sabbath. However, the Church of God does not offer sacrifices with the blood of beasts.The New Covenant Sabbath that we keep in the Church of God is the New Covenant Sabbath that Jesus came and made perfect. Also, the Church of God keeps the New Covenant Sabbath by following the teachings of Jesus and the apostles.

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