Let us make man

2021-02-17 12:17
God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.” when creating man.

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…”

God didn’t refer to Himself as “I” in a singular form, but rather as “Us” in a plural form. Then, why did He do that?

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Some insist that the “us” in verse 26 refers to the Triune God. If so, one of Them must have the female image because male and female were created in the image of God. The fact that male and female were created in the image of God means that God has two images: male and female. The Bible clearly testifies about the female image of God. Then, what should we call the female image of God? Of course, we should call Her Mother.

There is only one church in the world that believes in God the Mother as well as God the Father. That is the World Mission Society Church of God. Let's take pride in our truth and trust and follow God the Mother to the end.

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  • 2021-02-17 12:19

    God the Mother has been working together with God the Father since the creation of the world!

  • 2021-02-17 13:40

    The bible clearly testifies about the existence of God the Mother. There's no doubt it. If anyone denies God the Mother, then he or she is the one who denies God's words and can't be saved at all. Let us follow God the Mother till the end.

  • 2021-02-17 13:46

    Only World Mission Society Church of God believe in Heavenly Mother according to the Bible. Please come to WMSCOG to go to Heaven!

  • 2021-02-17 13:46

    The Trinity means, the Holy three - God the Father,God the Son and God the holy Spirit are one and the same! That is, it can not be plural.
    God has two images just as human have two images - male and female. And we call them God the Father and God the Mother. I'm so glad and happy to meet heavenly father and mother.

  • 2021-02-17 13:47

    God made man through the image of God. Male and female were created by the male image of God and the female image of God. So God is not One, but Two. There are God the Father and God the Mother. To receive salvation, we should believe in God the Mother as well as God the Father.

  • 2021-02-17 13:48

    That's natural that there is God the Mother as well as the God the Father. From the beginning of the Bible God Foretold there are God the Father and the God the Mother. I am so happy to know about God the Mother who gives us eternal life to us.

  • 2021-02-17 13:49

    God the Mother as well as God the Father give us eternal life.
    If you don't believe in God the Mother, you cannot receive eternal life.

  • 2021-02-17 13:52

    According to the bible, we must believe in not only God the Father but also God the Mother.

  • 2021-02-17 17:13

    I am so proud of being a child of Elohim God (Gods) who are our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother! To meet our spiritual Parents in this world is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity 🙂 How blessed !

  • 2021-02-18 10:25

    The story of the creation of human beings by God is well known to the people in this world. Even Christians think that God the Father only had created human beings because of their stereotype. As the Bible says, Elohim God has created man and woman in Their own image. That is, Adam and Eve were created after God's own image. Concerning this fact, it's so clear that the female image of God exists as well as the male image of God. Then, it's so natural for believers to call the female image of God as 'God the Mother'!
    What is more, God the Mother has already come in the flesh with the free gift of the water of life!

  • 2021-02-18 13:28

    I can understand God the Father and God the Mother through creatures, Adam and Eve who created by the image of God. It is very nature.

  • 2021-02-19 11:51

    Through this part of the book of Genesis 1:26-27, there must be God the Father and God the Mother as God said that let us make man. No matter what so many churches insist that the word 'us' is the trinity, truth is not change. So, the Bible says that God the Father and God the Mother will appear in the last days to give eternal life to their children.

  • 2021-02-28 03:27

    In the Bible, God is described as the Counselor, Who refers to the wisest one with the unmeasurable wisdom and gives the remakable advice. The reason God Elohiim made the mankide in Their image and in Their likeness is to want us to recognize Them as our Heavenly Parents.

  • 2021-03-17 13:38

    God didn't hide truth from us from the beginning. Because there are two Gods, so God said "Us". Let's believe everything God told us, not believe just what we want to.

  • 2021-06-03 11:41

    I can believe in God the mother and God the father.

  • 2022-11-09 00:58

    The truth of God the Mother is always amazing, indeed. God the Mother is the source of the water of life, eternal life. Without God the Mother, we cannot receive salvation in the age of the Holy Spirit. Many verses in the Bible testify to the existence of God the Mother. We have the duty to preach this truth of God the Mother. I give eternal thanks and honor to Elohim God for saving us.

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