Chewing the cud and a divided hoof

2021-02-13 22:50
In the Law of Moses, there's a food regulation. The Israelites must not eat animals that only chew the cud or only have a divided hoof. They might eat the any animal that chews the cud and has a divided hoof, for example, ox, sheep and goat, which were called as ceremonially clean animal. This regulation is a prophecy to be fulfilled in the new testament age.

Hebrews 10:1
The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming -- not the realities themselves.

1Corinthians 9:9~10
For it is written in the Law of Moses: "Do not muzzle on ox while it is treading out the grain." Is it about oxen that God is concerned? Surely he says this for us, doesn't he? Yes, this was written for us, because whoever plows and threshes should be able to do so in the hope of sharing in the harvest.

Chewing the cud means keeping the commandments. Every Sabbath day(Saturday) and the days of each feast, we keep those days God has appointed, through all our life. Having a divided hoof means faith in the Savior. Both the two are necessary conditions for salvation.

Revelation 14:12
This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus.

In this age, the age of the Holy Spirit, the Savior is "the Spirit and the Bride"

Revelation 22:17
The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!", and let the one who hears say, "Come!". Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.

Let's keep all the commands of God in faith in the Spirit, Christ Ahnsahnghong and the Bride, our Jerusalem heavenly Mother with endurance till the end for the glory of salvation.
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  • 2021-02-14 04:59

    Amen. Let's be the spiritual clean animals by studying God's words diligently and having firm faith.

  • 2021-02-14 11:00

    To get the way to salvation, we should follow the words of God absolutely. The Bible tells us that only those who follow Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother can reach the kingdom of heaven.

  • 2021-02-14 11:22

    Indeed, God's teachings are so profound and can be understood when we receive the Savior. I could not understand the reason the Bible wrote about the teachings of food. This regulation has been changed for generations to generations. This regulation is also a prophecy to be fulfilled in this last age. Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother have come to the earth and allowed Their instructions to all people, who are living on the earth. Many members of the WMSCOG are trying to keep commands from Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother with firm belief on Them.

  • 2021-02-14 11:58

    God's will is in everything we live, and we can receive salvation when we hear you absolutely. I truly thanks to God the Father and God the mother's times, years of sacrifice for gives us the New testament.

  • 2021-02-14 12:36

    Those who keep the God's commandment as bible testified and faith of God can go to Kingdom of Heaven.

  • 2021-02-14 13:34

    God's words are perfect and profound. From old testament, God prophesied that we should have faith and keep God' commandment through food regulations. Only obeying it is to lead to salvation.

  • 2021-02-15 02:01

    Amen! The ruminant animals such as cattle, sheep, and goats, are considers as the clean animals that we can eat according to the food regulation in the Old testament times. Also they deserved to be presented as the regular offerings. Spiritually we're considered as ruminant animal which chews the cud and has a divided hoof and that refers to our faith in God Elohim, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Jerusalem God the Mother, as well as to obedience to keep the commands and laws. Let's give all our thanks and eternal honour to our Heavenly Parents.

  • 2021-03-09 12:22

    God's teachings are so deep and wide. Through this, I again appreciate God to be the people of God, the chosen even though we are not clean spiritually.

  • 2021-03-09 12:53

    There's nothing in God's law without truth for our salvation.
    In the Old testament, they exist as shadows or symbols and in the new testament as realities.

  • 2021-03-09 13:13

    Faith and God's commandments are essential elements for us to be saved. (Rev. 14:12)
    Thank God(Father Ahnsahnghong & God the Mother) for helping us have the right faith and keep the commandments.

  • 2021-03-09 13:15

    Amen, Bible prophecies always focused to us who will be saved in the last age. Through this above post, we can understand that those who keep God's commandments and have a firm faith of God will be saved.
    By keeping God's laws and having faith of Elohim God, Let's be the people of God who will enter into heavenly kingdom.

  • 2021-03-09 13:17

    Christ Ahnsanghong and Jerusalem heavenly Mother have given us the most precious food that can make us live forever, that is the bread and wine of the New Covenant Passover. Please get near to Christ Ahnsanghong and Jerusalem heavenly Mother, to receive the free gift of the water of life.

  • 2021-03-10 13:40

    People of God should keep the commandments of God. We must not forget the words of God by keeping.

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