And then?


 For borrowing money for school, a poor student visited an old rich lady in the village.

“I want to be a lawyer after school”

“Sure? And then what are you going to do?”

“I will make money a lot  and become rich like you”

“And then?”

“Marriage and have children and live with happy”

“And then?”

Her asking is not finished and that made him upset.

“And then what am I going to do? Live like that and die”.

“Nothing more then?”

“Death is the end, what else more?”

“Therefor you are trying to study for dying?”

“I will never rend money to young man like you who never think about next”

The lady’s words made the guy hit his head.

He became success and made university  and hang a slogan in the main hall. 

                              AND THEN????



What is next after death? Nothing more? or Something else?

If something else, what are we going to do?