A Beautiful Mind ♥ Christ Ahnsahnghong ♥ God the Mother ♥

The Church of God makes great efforts to protect environment and to practice loving neighbors by diligently helping society in need everywhere. The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) changes the whole world where found no love by spreading the love of God the Mother in this last age. Please come to the Church of God to receive the love of God the Mother and share the given love to others around you.


A man was jogging, and when he spotted a beautiful woman, they both fell in love and eventually got married.
But, one day, in the man’s sight, the woman started to look odd.
His symptom became worse, and at last, she looked like a monster. Eventually, they got divorced.
In fact, from the very beginning, the woman was an alien.
How then, could the man see her beautifully?
That is because the man loved her.
Since love existed, despite of her hideous figure, he could see her beautifully.
However when he was out of love, the woman started to look hideous like a monster.
This is a summary from a foreign soap opera that was televised long time ago.
When I first heard this story, I thought, ‘Oh, that’s why according to the Teachings of Mother we must have a beautiful mind when we see our brothers and sisters.’
And after a while, I gained this realization.
From this world of sin, even though we have abominable forms; what we see is sin, what we bear is the fruit of sin, Mother says we are beautiful, praises us, and holds our hands. I wondered, all these were possible because she sees us through Her eyes of love.
Although we have a form of a sinner, all covered with faults, Mother says “Come” and covers us and embraces us.
Since Mother is love, She changes us, Her children;washing us to be transformed as a figure to enter the beautiful heaven.
Mother, I truly thank You.
I also love You Mother, just like You do.