World Mission Society Church of God proposed me the reason of life

Many people should go to  bring them into their salvation.  However, it is easy to find many churches do not teach them the truths about salvation testified in the Bible.  Just ignoring the only way to receive the salvation, the Passover which God Himself proclaimed, they only teach and shout the surface part of the salvation.



Born in Iowa, I was raised in a strict Christian background, believing in the Bible and God.

When I was 5, our family moved to Zimbabwe and I attended a private Christian school.

My father was very devoting in a Christian organization, and my mother worked for the church even before I was born. During vacation, I used to travel to Guatemala, Africa, and many places that my father used to go, and helped him.

But, the church never followed the Bible and rather followed something that was off from the Bible. And later on, I gradually I didn’t really go to church.

My friend in college introduced me about Church of God. After studying the teachings there, I found the reason for my life.

I can prove that the claims made by the ones slandering WMSCOG are wrong.

Biblically, WMSCOG is a perfect church. The only church that follows the Bible is the World Mission Society Church of God.

So I wish everyone can see the proofs from the Bible and not rumors and lies.

Please find eternal life and love through God the Mother.